Declaration on protection of personal data of Start (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Start (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Headquarters in the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok, Bangrak, 491/16 4th Floor, Silom Plaza Building, Silom Rd., 10500,

Corporate registration and tax ID no. 0107538000037
(Hereinafter as "START (THAILAND)")

I. Introductory provision

Personal data means any information, through which a user can be identified directly or indirectly (hereinafter "Personal Data").  

  • Sensitive data means any information about the user, revealing nationality, racial or ethnic origins, political beliefs, trade union memberships, religious and philosophical beliefs, criminal convictions, health status and sexual life of the data subject and genetic information of the subject, or any biometric data, which allows direct identification or authentication of the subject's data (hereinafter "Sensitive data").


II. Providing of personal information

In accordance with Art. VI General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "GTC") of START (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., START (THAILAND) requires mandatory registration data for purposes of registration. Users may voluntarily disclose other optional and non mandatory data to  START (THAILAND) at the discretion.

  • Providing of any sensitive data is not mandatory. START (THAILAND) does not request nor  it shall request any sensitive data from users. If users provide any sensitive data while registering for services, they do so freely and at their own discretion.


III. Handling and protection of personal data

START (THAILAND) collects and saves users' personal information through electronic media information in a secure database. START (THAILAND) protects personal data to the extent possible using current modern technologies, matching the up to date level of technical development. START (THAILAND) declares that it has taken all possible steps, given the current and commonly available measures to secure this data against any unauthorised access by third parties.

  • START (THAILAND) is not liable for any unauthorised access by a third party into the system, resulting in acquiring illegally any personal information of individual users and / or their user accounts and / or any relevant START (THAILAND) database, or the outcome of any use, abuse, misuse or allowing access availability to any third party.
  • Users declare that they are aware of potential risks to them arising from any unauthorised access or activity by a third party.
  • START (THAILAND) without prior permission, will not process, share, sell
    or use any personal data of users in a manner that would be inconsistent with this Privacy Statement Policy and START (THAILAND) General Terms and Conditions.
  • Users acknowledge that START (THAILAND) may be required by law to provide personal information to fulfil certain statutory obligations (eg. In judicial or administrative proceedings). START (THAILAND) is also entitled, if necessary, to disclose personal information to protect the rights of START (THAILAND), or to protect the personal safety of users or third parties.


IV. Processing of personal data by Start (Thailand)

User acknowledge that START (THAILAND) has the right to process, collect and track personal data of each user for their own needs (ie. to provide its Services in accordance with the START (THAILAND) General Terms and Condition) and statistical requirements.

  • By completing the registration form, ticking the box "I agree with the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement for personal data protection" and sending the completed registration form automatically grants user protection of their personal data in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand including any updates to certain laws, as amended (hereinafter the "protection of personal data Act "), further on Users expressly give their consent for the processing of all provided personal data under this Privacy Statement and the General Terms and Conditions by START (THAILAND) as system administrator for purposes of identification of users' system activity, utilisation of  provided service, registration of resumes in the database and resume search by START (THAILAND)'s clients offering free job offers and vacancies.
  • The client is obliged to ensure all appropriate physical and administrative measures to protect all data in the database while searching for resumes in the system. The client must protect all system resumes from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or publishing any contact info or data. The client is entitled to use data obtained from the resume database only for purpose of job mediation for the  client's vacancies. The client is entitled to examine all candidates' personal data and contacts in reference to job vacancies. If an individual candidate does not respond to the offer, the Client is obliged to delete the applicant's personal information. The client is not entitled to retain or disclose  resumes to any third party without a prior consent of the User, i.e. Subject owner of the resume. If the client wishes to conduct further processing of personal data beyond the scope of this article, the Client shall obtain a written consent from the user allowing processing of such information. In case of doubt, START (THAILAND) will ensure that the permission was requested by the client and delivered to the user, obtain a written copy and submit it to inspection. The client is also obliged to handle all the obtained data and information from START RECRUITMENT resumes database in accordance with this Privacy Statement and the General Terms and Conditions of START (THAILAND) with utmost care. In case the client consciously or unconsciously fails to protect   personal data, or any other sensitive users' data, causing direct or indirect harm to START (THAILAND), its users or both shall have the right to seek judicial redress and compensation for total cost of any damages incurred.
  • User agree with anonymous use and / or publishing of START (THAILAND) statistics utilised in Services development and operations. Statistical data and reports will not contain personal data of any kind that could, based on one or more of these data figures, directly or indirectly lead to the identification of the User or allow any third parties, except START (THAILAND) clients, to directly contact the User. The results of such processing of information can and will be part of START (THAILAND)'s commercial, sales and marketing activities, while maintaining complete anonymity of the source.
  • START (THAILAND) is authorised to delegate data processing to a third party in accordance with the laws on personal data protection.


V. Validity of approval 

  • User grant the above mentioned consent for processing of personal data for a period of ten (10) years, respectively. in full settlement of rights and obligations arising from services provided by START (THAILAND) to users, unless a withdrawal of consent was made. This does not affect the obligation of START (THAILAND) in processing users' personal data for a period in accordance to the stipulated and relevant laws and regulations.


VI. Withdrawal of consent

A user's consent for the processing of personal data under this Privacy Statement is voluntary.

  • The user is entitled to withdraw this consent at any time in writing, with the notice officially delivered to START (THAILAND).
  • After withdrawal of consent, START (THAILAND) is obliged and confirms that all of the user's data data and information has been erased from electronic systems, while ensuring it is and will not be processed further or distributed via providing any services. In this case, the user will not be covered by the General Terms and Conditions, which requires the subject's given consent. This shall not affect START (THAILAND)'s obligations in processing users' personal data for the period stipulated by relevant laws
    and in accordance with their full regulations.


VII. User´s access to data

Users have the right to request START (THAILAND) for information about processing of their personal data once they complete their profile registration.

  • Based on such a request, START (THAILAND) is obliged to provide all information according to the laws on protection of personal data and information.

VIII. Final Provision

This Privacy statement is continuation and and an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions

Start (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Headquarters in the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok, Bangrak, 491/16 4th Floor, Silom Plaza Building, Silom Rd., 10500, Corporate registration and tax ID no. 0107538000037


Declaration on protection of personal data validity of this version is effective from 1. 11. 2016