Searching for a job has become increasingly complex for many of us. Your active monitoring of the free job postings and actively contacting the company you can supplement what we call "Passive" search; accelerate the whole process alongside your Start online registration with your resume awaiting view from hundreds of potential employers.

1. How to do it?

It's very simple, just enter online for free and begin creating your resume. When you will be almost ready, the system will help you to create your profile and to publish your resume. You can always come back, edit or update any data, archive your resume, translate it to English or highlight it; so your resume will be more visible.

2. In Thailand do exist several websites similar to Start's. Why should I register with you?

When actively looking for work, you should register wherever possible. Each server has its own clients and in this case you will be more visible with multiple employers.

Start works in both Thai and English languages and is here mainly for Thai people!

3. Who will give me advice if I am not sure what to do?

Many fields, where you fill your information you will find a small question mark. Just hover your mouse over it and a box will pop up with help for this specific field. Usually it contains information about what a specific field is used for and what data should be entered correctly into it. If this text info is not enough and you still need assistance, just call our customer service line.

4. I find it difficult, is it really necessary to fill everything?

If you don’t know what to put in that specific field or you are not currently sure, just skip it for now and return to it later. If it is not marked as "mandatory", then you may leave it blank.

5. What about my personal data?

Your personal data is not displayed automatically. Only verified and logged in employers can see your information so that you can be contacted. Employers must follow general rules about how to process your personal data and must protect it the same way as we do.

6. I am currently employed, but I'm not satisfied. I'm worried my employer will see my name on your website

Have no fear! Our site allows you to enter the names of companies and automatically hide your profile from them and no information will be visible. When you enter the name of the company, be very careful and complete their exact names!

7. Photo. Yes or no?

Definitely yes, but not holiday photos, making barbecue or at the gym. You must upload a passport photo or one with a similar format. For example, if a company is looking for an assistant who will represent them at various events and seminars, a presentable appearance and its role plays an important factor in filling such a position. Uploading photos will certainly increase your chances of success in finding that job.

8. I already have a resume, I do not want to create another

You can easily upload your previously created resume along with any other documents to your profile (such as. Various awards, diplomas, attestation, references, etc...). Employers using START services are used to the online resume format and are quicker to orient themselves in the document. If they are forced to view hundreds of differently prepared resumes, the entire process will be slower with lower productivity. Therefore, it is better to fill your resume and it's only up to you whether you generate it for free and use it for any other job search out there.

9. Are there any marks or logos on my Resume? In the past, I met a personnel manager for a company where had an interview along with a system generated resume that has the website's logo. I was rejected and accused of being lazy to create my own resume manually.

START portal resumes are not marked. It will not be possible to establish that it was system generated. However, the content and quality of information you enter depends only on you. START does not place any links, logos or advertisements on such generated resumes. This service is provided free of charge as public support for active job searching candidates

10. Is your service really for free and for how long?

Registration and creation of your resume is absolutely free of charge and for as long as you wish. We only demand that you confirm your updated information or change it strictly once a month. A system email will be sent to you with an update request. If you do not update your resume as requested, your profile will be automatically archived and disappear from employer's search results. You may of course, go back to your profile at any time, update and publish your resume again. The only paid service is "Highlighting" your resume, where it is highlighted and placed on top of the job category where you are seeking employment. The payment is made by premium SMS and subsequently your profile will be seen among the first. The charge for "Topping" your profile will be displayed properly before you do so and will be valid for 5 days. This is an extra service only and of course is absolutely not mandatory.

11. How do I react to the posted vacancies?

Employers are posting their job offers on our page. You can find those postings in the section Job Offers after you Login into the system. If you want to react on some of those job postings, you can just simply press the button next to it called,, React,,. Only jobseekers who match the location and specialization field where they want to work with the location and specialization field of the job offer can react. After you successfully reacted to the job offer, the employer will see all your data and other documents automatically. You don’t need to send anything anymore. Start cannot assure the behavior of the employers thus we cannot guarantee you will get any response.


Finding a reliable and professional employee has become more and more difficult for most of the employers. Services of recruitment agencies are expensive; especially for smaller companies and many of us are tired of receiving hundreds of resumes of candidates, who do not match our requirements. Let´s try a system, where you will choose with whom to talk or not!

1. How to register?

It's very simple, just enter online, fill important data about your company and create your profile. Once you finish the registration process, you can immediately start to work with the system.

2. What services are offered in this system?

Start offers to the employers mainly 2 services:

a) The database search, where you can directly search for the employees you are looking for. For very small amount of money you can unlock details of selected candidates in the case you want to contact them.

b) Job advertisement where you can place your job vacancies. Candidates can react on them directly through our web page.

3. How up to date are the jobseeker´s data?

Every jobseeker must confirm his data every 30 days or edit them in case, his professional situation have changed. If the jobseeker does not confirm or update his data minimum every 30 days, his resume will be moved to our Archive and will be no more published.  Start wants this way to assure, that only resumes of actual jobseeker will be displayed to you. Start is not a company, which collects thousands of resumes to use the number for its marketing purposes.

4. Do I need to prepay a certain amount of services or any package?

Start system works with credits. It’s very simple. Unlocking 1 resume will cost you 1 credit. Placing an advertisement will cost you 10 credits. The pricelist of credits you will find after Login in the section called Price List.

a) You can pay selected resumes or job advertisement directly with credit card – you do not need to buy any package of services but pay only for services, you will really use.

b) You can buy one of our packages. Bigger the package is, lower the price for 1 credit is. The packages can be bought with credit card or by ordering with bank transfer method.

5. How can I pay for the services?

You can choose of 2 payment options:

a) Payment by credit card. It is as simple as it is to buy any goods. You can put all resumes you want to unlock to the shopping cart, review them once more and decide which ones you want to unlock. After decision was made, you will pay for unlocking those resumes directly by credit card. Resumes will be unlocked immediately after the payment approval. The same applies for payment of placed job offers. You don’t need to buy any expensive package of credits, but pay only for services you will use now. After the payment will be approved the system will automatically activate services you ordered and generate an tax invoice receipt which will be sent to you.

You can also pay by credit card a package of credits. Bigger package you buy, cheaper price for 1 credit you get.

b) Payment by bank transfer. This option can be chosen only with ordering one of our packages. After you place an order the system will automatically issue an invoice, which will be sent to your email. After we will receive the payment of the invoice, the system will automatically activate services you ordered (put amount of credits to your account) and generate an tax invoice receipt which will be sent to you.

6. How do I place the job offer advertisement?

You can enter the section my advertisements after Login to the system. Fill the name of the ad; select the work location, field of specialization and the range of offered salary.  After that you can simply fill the free text box with the job description. The box is limited by 600 characters. It is not allowed to mention any Company or Personal names, neither contact details. Every job advertisement is subject to review by our staff. If we find such information in the advertisement, we will not approve it or simply delete such not permitted data.

7. If I place an job offer advertisement I don´t want to receive huge amount of resumes from jobseekers, who do not match the criteria

If you place a job offer advertisement, you will have to choose the location of the job offer and specialization field.

If a jobseeker wants to react to your advertisement; the Location and specialization field he mentioned in his profile as location and specialization field he wants to work in must match with the location and specialization field of your job advertisement. If the reaction of the jobseeker will be successful you will receive a note to your email about the jobseeker’s reaction. After Login to the system, you will find this reaction directly under the job offer advertisement in the section,, my advertisement ,,. After reviewing the jobseeker´s details you can decide, if you unlock such resume for 1 credit, or if you press a button of negative response. If you press negative response the system will send the jobseeker a message, that you prefer another candidate.

We do strictly believe that every person applying for a job has right for any response!

We have created the simplest way for you to response any jobseeker reacting to your job advertisement. Only this way you will not have any extra work with creating emails to hundreds of applicants.

8. What about the protection of personal data?

The personal data of jobseekers must be protected. For us it is very crucial that the data of jobseekers in our database is secure. But it is also very important that once the data leaves our system, the employer will use it only for his own purposes. The employer must secure within his own organization, that the data will not be misused or leaving the company.   

9. Can be my / our company rejected of using the system?

Only a company / employer can de rejected of using our system if:

a) A serious brake of general terms conditions will occur

b) A serious brake of processing the jobseeker´s personal data will occur

c) The employer / Company will treat the jobseekers with no dignity, discriminate them because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, religious believes or with any similar non professional or non ethical behavior.