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Start is a Dutch company active on labor market since 1976. We are the second largest company of its kind on European labor market. Start operates in Thailand since 2005.

Start in Thailand

Start runs a web page where companies advertise free job vacancies and people interested in the offered jobs can apply through this page. At the current time the web page operates database of 20.000 people interested in finding new job.

What we exactly do

- We do advertise the job vacancies of employers on the page and also promote those job vacancies on various social media or other channels, such as Facebook, Line, Jora, Jooble, Panthip, Thailand job network, Job Cute, Craigslist and many others. The total outreach is about 10 millions of users within Thailand.

- We do help people looking for job to create a profile on our page and apply for job positions available.

- We call every candidate who expresses his or hers desire in any of the advertised or promoted position outside our web page. Every candidate who apply via our page for a job can create and generate own resume which can be downloaded and used for free. ( candidates applying for positions especially within the hospitality sector, such as waiter of chef mostly do not have a resume or don’t know how to create one ).

- The client who advertises with us will receive resumes of applicants to his/her email and also has full access to the system and its database of jobseekers. That means jobseekers apply directly for the position offered or the client can browse also in our database and contact any of the chosen jobseekers by himself.

- Start focuses and specializes mainly on Hospitality sector, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Hostels and any kind of administrative jobs.  We can do also other jobs, but the success rate depends on the current situation on the market. ( for example to find IT manager or programmer is much more difficult than to find a good chef, it takes more time to find the right candidate ).




What are we looking for



A PARTNER who has his own job or works as a Freelancer in the field of services

and will use this opportunity as a source of side income

You are expected to combine your already existing business or personal contacts to offer help with staffing and arrange meetings between Start and the potential client –  it is to expect that such clients have already experience with you, knowing you personally. These contacts should be based on already existing trust between you and your contact. For example an ideal affiliate Partner of Start would be an independent recuiter,  influencer, web designer or sales manager in a company providing services.


A PARTNER who owns his own business and wish to expand

You are expected to combine your already existing business or personal contacts to offer help with staffing and arrange meetings between Start and the potential client. You shoul expand the portfolio of your services with services of Start.  For example an ideal affiliate Partner company of Start would be an Accounting company or company providing legal services willing to offer a complex range of services.


Are you a website owner, blogger, video blogger or have a big following on social media 

and want to turn that audience into money?


Are you very skilled in sales, independent freelancer, external accountant,

lawyer or an owner of small service oriented business willing to expand the portfolio

of your services and earn constantly great commission?






What do we expect from our Partners


- Contact a potential customers looking for employees. (the Partner should make a little research to know if the contacted company needs employees or not)

- Offer to the customer a solution by recommending co-operation with Start and arrange a short meeting between one of our sales managers and the client.



will arrange a 30-40min. meeting between the customer and one of our Sales directors. Partner doesn't have to get involved in any price negotiating or professional explanation of our work. His only task is to arrange the meeting.

( hint how to arrange the meeting: I know you are looking for staff and I am currently representing Start company, who is helping companies like yours already since 15 years in Thailand. Start is much cheaper than other companies (jobsDB or JobThai) and I am sure we can help you to find the right people. Lets meet one of our sales director, he will explain everything to you and give you special price )



must be fully trained by START to be able to respresent START alone and sell the products by themselves. We are at this moment not able to travel to attend the meetings outside Bangkok. Such Partner must learn how to asist the client with registration to the system and how to provide customer service (nothing difficult).




How it works (step by step)




1. Sign up for a Start affiliate partnership account. You will have to fill a short form.

We will call you and explain the program. You will receive your unique promotion link

and partner number.



2. Promote our products through your unique promotion link using your skills or exsting network.

You can also arrange direct business meetings with potencial clients and we will do the rest.

You commission remains the same.



3. Enjoy earning commission from every sale you make or refer.




Fees for partnership and payouts


- Your fee for arranged meeting with client will be 300 Baht immediately after the meeting was held.

- Your fee for ordered and paid services by the client will be 30% of the invoiced amount ( excl. VAT ).

- The payout can be made weekly or monthly, it is also possible to get paid right after each transaction. 

- Individulas will be paid by transfer to their bank accounts ( from each payment the withholding tax will be deducted - 3% and the Partner will receive withholding tax documents )

- Partnered companies will issue an invoice to START according to the schedule agreed.




Ideal Partnership


- Ideal Partner search for potential clients daily

- Ideal Partner acts like if START is his own company

- Ideal Partner arranges minimum 2 business meetings per week and report if the meeting can be held in English language or in Thai only.

- Ideal Partner coordinates the time of the meetings with Sales staff from Start.

- Ideal Partner communicates with our office or regular base (questions, problems, help, support )


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