About Start (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

History of Start in Europe

Start People was founded in 1977 as "Start Uitzendbureau´´ as a form of collaboration between the government, employers and employees with a common goal to help jobseekers to work on the basis of a staffing formula. In the mid-nineties of the twentieth century we became the second largest and independent company of its kind in the Netherlands and fourth in Europe. Its foreign operations in Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Czech and Slovak Republics, Russia, Poland and Thailand made Start one of the most important human resources companies in the European market. It In November 2003 Start merged with the company USG People. The proceeds of this merger was used through the Start Foundation to fund projects for people with difficulties to approach the labor market. In January 2007 we got our current name Start People. Our innovative method laid the foundation for the growth of Start People to the one of the largest, leading service providers in the field of flexible labor, training and customer care services.

USG People as the mother company became in 2016 a part of the worldwide Recruitment organization

Start in Thailand

Start Thailand was founded in 2004 as a Recruitment company serving Thai labor market. The company was founded by Mr. Martin Stefanek under the training and management of Start Czech Republic & in 2006 became an independent entity.

In 2011 Start Thailand received Business Excellence Award for Best Recruitment Agency and Human Resources Provider in Thailand by the Royal Thai Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs.

In 2016 Start introduces new online job-search services on Thai labor market in cooperation of the Royal Thai department of Labour.


Company vision of Start (Thailand)

Our vision is to provide the best possible service as your reliable, modern and socially conscious partner and to be always and everywhere when needed, open-minded without bias, thus fulfilling all your needs.

Martin Stefanek, CEO


Philosophy of Start (Thailand)

Our main goal is to become one of the leading Human Resources professionals in Thailand in the field of online job-search and filling the gap on the local Thai labor market offering professional assistance to large and multinational corporations as well as small and medium enterprises in Bangkok and Thailand’s remote regions facing difficulties in skill search, development and retention.

We are a Thai company for Thai people! We do operate all services in Thai language only since we are in Thailand. We do not see any reason to operate our system or to force the jobseekers to post their resumes in other languages.

On-line search project of Start was founded with the basic idea to create a reliable, fast and flexible form to offer information of possible job candidates to potential employers, mostly in the area of small and medium business. We are living in very quick and accelerated times, where often quick decision or solution of unexpected situations is expected. Rapidly evolving markets force employers to recruit or search quickly for new employees but very often employers do not have access to reliable, up to date and modern source of information about the jobseekers on the local labor markets. For example in the field of restaurant business are working estimated approx. 2 million people in all Thailand. Restaurant business is also a sector with high turnover of staff and the sector where it is often very difficult to find good, qualified and reliable employees. The recruitment in restaurant business differs very much of the recruitment in Large international corporations, because those huge companies do have their human resources departments but the restaurant business have mostly only the owner or manage, who must search for his employees by himself. Restaurateurs cannot afford to pay expensive personnel agencies or very expensive advertisements with no security of success.

Therefore, the philosophy was to create a sort of database of checked jobseekers, who are really interested to work in which such employers will easily navigate to search for their new employees or advertise at very competitive price. The very modern forms of payment for our services greatly accelerate the entire process of selectio

Start Governmental & Educational activities

Start is active in cooperation with the Royal Thai Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs as well as other NGOs in creating specialized educational, training and skill development of rural and remote areas in Thailand.

Connecting employers with potential skill in the market and assist in not only decreasing unemployment rates, but training and re-training for a better chance of new careers of the jobless. We do develop skills for allowing independent income and helping in family and financial stability.


Start Online services

Start has created Thailand’s first “fair” job-search Engine for jobs! Browse thousands of jobs online and updated every 15 minutes! www.start.co.th is the first “pay-per-click” job posting site for employers and jobseekers as well without the unnecessary exorbitant rates and prices.

Start is tough on employers and jobseekers alike! The system will monitor and make sure that all registered resumes are up-to-date & every request must be replied to ensuring direct communication with a strict deadline. Any users, who lack activity, fail to periodically update their resume face automatic archive of the data. The days of companies paying for a resume-bank access and ending up with outdated resumes are over!

Start saves your time! Quality over Quantity… Our system will block any jobseeker’s reply to your ad unless they are qualified according to their updated profile, current location & required sector of employment. The days of companies receiving hundreds and hundreds of unusable resumes are over!

Start has as well developed online database-system and as the first in Thailand offers an easy to use web-based HR database and communication center to optimize your recruitment process and secure all data.